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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Obama want's everybodies medical records available online

This is a comment from an American Spectator story!
Timothy L. Pennell 9.18.09 @ 7:55AM
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah, blah, blah. This story is all well and good, but, as usual, everybody's got the arguement WRONG. The QUESTION should be: Doesn't it bother anyone, that the guy who is so GUNG HO, to put everybodys' HEALTH CARE RECORDS on line, STILL HASN'T RELEASED HIS OWN? Just like the Public Option Health Care Plan. The REAL ARGUEMENT should be: If this FREAKIN PLAN is so GREAT, why are CONGRESS, and FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, and THE UNIONS EXEMPT? It's not about the COSTS! It's about the HIPOCRACY. My wifes is not from around these parts. And the food her family eats, your dog wouldn't eat. And when she tries to get me to eat it, I tell her: I ain't eating nothing that the dog won't eat. That's what these 'PLANS' are. They're stuff the dog won't eat. If it's 'Good Enough' for US, but NOT GOOD ENOUGH for THEM, than it's not good enough for US, either. WAKE UP, AMERICA! And don't listen to the PUKES on the LEFT. Calling everybody a Racist. They should know. They INVENTED it. And they're still at it. Just ask any POOR MINORITY PARENT in D.C., who's KID is being thrown back in to a DANGEROUS, FAILING, Public School, because OBAMA and his NEA MASTERS, have KILLED the SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM. First rule of Slavery: Never let them learn to READ and WRITE. I guess Pelosi will say that it was Obamas' WHITE HALF that did that.

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