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Thursday, September 24, 2009

U.N. climate meeting was propaganda: Czech president!

Czech President Vaclav Klaus sharply criticized a U.N. meeting on climate change on Tuesday at which U.S. President Barack Obama was among the top speakers, describing it as propagandistic and undignified. "It was sad and it was frustrating," said Klaus, one of the world's most vocal skeptics on the topic of global warming.

"It's a propagandistic exercise where 13-year-old girls from some far-away country perform a pre-rehearsed poem," he said. "It's simply not dignified." At the opening of the summit attended by nearly 100 world leaders, 13-year-old Yugratna Srivastava of India told the audience that governments were not doing enough to combat the threat of climate change.

Klaus said there were increasing doubts in the scientific community about whether humans are causing changes in the climate or whether the changes are simply naturally occurring phenomena. But politicians, he said, seem to be moving closer to a consensus on climate change. "The train can't be stopped and I consider that a huge mistake," Klaus said. More here:

AlGore's made a fortune from this hoax. He created his own company to sell "carbon credits" a.k.a."carbon offsets". Is it any wonder that he became global warming's high priest, preaching worlwide castrophy. Yes, he scares people into buying his carbon offsets in some cases, and in others, he places a guilt trip on the gullable so that they will open their bank accounts to him! He is a charlatan, the Elmer Gantry of the environmentalist movement!

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