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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Teen Rejects Vaccine on Moral Grounds; Denied Citizenship

Time is running out for a British teen seeking U.S. citizenship after she refused to be injected with a vaccine that protects against a sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical cancer.
Simone Davis, who turns 18 next January, turned down the vaccine Gardasil because she says she is not sexually active and believes the vaccine comes with the risk of adverse health effects.
“I am only 17 years old and planning to go to college and not have sex anytime soon,” Simone, a devout Christian who believes the Bible prohibits premarital sex, told ABC News. “There is no chance of getting cervical cancer, so there’s no point in getting the shot.”
U.S. law, however, requires immigrants seeking to become U.S. citizens to receive a list of vaccinations, Gardasil being among them. Read more:

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