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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WH war on FOX News threatens us all! Copy to email & send to Beck!!!

Dear Patriots,

I received this e-mail today, and I urge you to help this cause. I have sent this letter to Glenn Beck by copying and pasting the letter into a new letter. Then put your name in the signature.

My Dear Fellow Americans;

I’m not sure if you caught the news today yet, but the Obama Administration publicly declared WAR against FOX News. Now let’s take this a step or two further. What if the Obama Administration personally goes after the likes of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh and actually shuts down FOX News and talk radio? And Lord forbid, what if the Administration puts censor filters on the internet or even just shuts it down? How will the opposition to the Administration (We The People) communicate with one another?

This war may come down to us having to communicate by word of mouth and passing physically written notes, letters, & printed documents to your neighbors – we may have to communicate without the use of technology. I’m afraid that we need a back-up plan.

We must get organized on a street, neighborhood, town/city, county and state level. The first step of organizing the loyal opposition is at the local or street level. I believe this can best be accomplished by holding “Community Day Tea Parties”. Below is an email recently sent to Glenn Beck outlining just how these tea parties will be held. But I’m just one small voice out in the wilderness.

I’m sure Glenn Beck gets thousands of emails on a daily basis; and I doubt if Mr. Beck will ever read my single email, sent by itself this past Saturday. This is where I desperately need your help. If enough of you forward this email to Mr. Beck, the message will get through to him and a “Tea Party Community Day” will become a reality.

What I specifically need for you to do is to personally forward this email to Mr. Beck and to also send it to your sphere of influence, to have your friends to send it into him also. Glenn Beck’s email address is Once you send an email, you will immediately be sent back a confirmation email asking for verification – confirming that this is not spam mail. So please send this message to Glenn Beck. The future of the Nation (including you, me, and your neighbors) may be at stake.

In God We Trust,
William (Billy) M. Parker, Jr.
PS: As this circulates the internet and since a few out there are on the other side and may send this email to the White House, you may want to forward/send this email via “Bcc” – Blind Copy.

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