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Monday, October 12, 2009

Yale chose Shariah over U.S. Constitution - Western leaders are void of Wisdom

Last week's column was about something that doesn't exist -- a multilevel strategy to combat the advance of Shariah (Islamic law) across the West.

The strategy doesn't exist because there's little understanding that the entrenchment of Shariah in the Western world poses a threat to liberty in the Western world.

This understanding doesn't exist because the critique of Shariah (a legal system best described as sacralized totalitarianism) required to devise a defensive anti-Shariah strategy is not considered possible.

Why not? The main obstacle is, well, the advance of Shariah across the West. In other words, we cannot criticize the spread of Shariah simply because Shariah's influence has spread. Thus, the reflex reaction to critical commentary -- even a newspaper page of political cartoons -- is to follow Islamic law and stop it (or try), or just shut up. Read more

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