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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where Are the Vaccine Pied Pipers Leading Us?

Where Are the Vaccine Pied Pipers Leading Us?

by Bill Sardi

Recently by Bill Sardi: Health Authorities Evasive in Answering Perplexing Questions About This Year’s Flu Vaccination Campaign, that Conde Nast online publication that caters to techy people, has published a wave of articles critical of those who oppose massive over-vaccination of the American population.

These articles declare those individuals who oppose mass vaccination to be "misinformants." Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Don Imus and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who openly oppose submission to mass vaccination, are belittled. These articles claim those who don’t get vaccinated are endangering everybody else.

Here are the provoking headlines of those articles: More...

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